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April 5, 2012

There is a persistent knock on older workers: They can’t keep with the latest technology. They’re techno-phobes. Technology has passed them by. That may be true for some, but more and more information is coming out to suggest that not to be the case.

Forrester Research – global experts in business and technology – recently released a study that was reported on in the “55 Places” blog that the 50+ age group is as deeply immersed in technology as other demographic segments.

Smart phones. High-speed internet. GPS. Online shopping. Social media. These are all deeply embedded in the everyday lives of the 50+. In fact, according to Forrester, 46 to 64 year olds are spending more money on technology than any other age group.

In addition, Inc. Magazine recently reported on Pew Research Center study that showed that those age 50 and older are the “fastest growing demographic for Facebook and other social media.”

Old ideas die hard. And this notion that the 50+ age group can’t handle technology should at, or near the top of that list.

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